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Winona-Rochester Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting

Developed by the National Catholic Risk Detention Group, Inc., this is designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "rightdoing" within religious organizations. It empowers organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church. You may register for a class within the DOW at Virtus Online. Access your account at their main page. This is required for all adults working with youth under the auspices of the diocese. There is an exception if you are working alone with only your own child within your family unit, but we do recommend that all parents be educated.

National Catholic Leadership Development
The NCCS offers a special training course to diocesan committees who want to prepare Scouters to use Scouting as a form of youth ministry. It was formerly called Scouter Development: Lay Apostolate Formation for Scouting. Ideally, this is a weekend retreat. By attending the Scouting in the Catholic Church Training Conference, you will be certified as a trainer. Read more. [under development]

Religious Emblems Counselor Training
The Religious Emblems Coordinator is the overseer of the Religious Emblems program for the younger Scouts whose study is family-oriented. The Religious Emblems Counselor oversees the programs for the older Scouts who work as a group to earn the emblem. A counselor must complete BSA Youth Protection Training, with references checked or background checks completed as appropriate. Virtus training must also be completed for the Diocese of Winona. View the Religious Emblems Reference Manual.

These steps are required to be trained as a Counselor for Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII:
  1. Go to our Religious Emblems Counselor Training at to take your 60-75 minute online training and the accompanying quiz. 
  2. After you complete the training and quiz, email your BSA Youth Protection Training and Virtus training certificates to the Religious Emblems Chair.
  3. Once you have met the criteria, the Religious Emblems Chair will send your certificate of training completion.

Various resources are attached to this page to assist the Religious Emblems Counselor.

Scouting in the Catholic Church Training Conference (Philmont)
This NCCS week-long event is held annually at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. It is intended to teach leaders how to carry out the Scouting as youth ministry program in their own dioceses, and they will be certified in the Scouter Development training program. Read more.

NCCS Fast Start Training
The NCCS has compiled basic fast start training information for the DCCS Chair, Scout Chaplain, COR, Pack Leader, Troop Leader, and Venturing Advisor. Read more.

Scouting Coordinator Training
The Scouting Coordinator, today known as the BSA's Chartered Organizational Representative, is integral to the success of a unit by acting as a liaison between the chartered organization and the unit. In a Catholic unit, he or she is also integral in seeing Scouting fulfilled as a Catholic youth ministry. The COR is automatically a member of the Winona DCCS. Your local BSA council should provide training for this key position, and you may review this online link from Crossroads of America Council.

Icon File Name Comment  
AADBORQuestions.doc Ad Altare Dei: Sample list of Board of Review questions  
AADei1stMeeting.doc Ad Altare Dei: Sample of your first meeting with parent attendance  
AADInfoSheet.doc Ad Altare Dei: Sample of an information sheet with counselor contact data  
AADIntentToTeach.pdf Ad Altare Dei: Extra copy of Counselor's intent to begin a class  
AADPresentation.doc Ad Altare Dei: Sample of emblems presentation  
AADProgressCheckoff.xls Ad Altare Dei: Progress checklist spreadsheet  
AADRoster.xls Ad Altare Dei: Roster spreadsheet  
AADSchedule.doc Ad Altare Dei: Sample schedule  
ActsOfContrition.pdf Ad Altare Dei: Acts of Contrition  
DayOfRecollectionAAD.pdf Day of Recollection: Ad Altare Dei  
DayOfRecollectionPrivate.pdf Day of Recollection: Private for one person  
ExaminationOfConscience.pdf Ad Altare Dei: Examination of conscience  
PPXIIBORQuestions.doc Pope Pius XII: Sample list of Board of Review questions  
PPXIIInfoSheet.doc Pope Pius XII: Sample of an information sheet with counselor contact data  
PPXIIIntentToTeach.pdf Pope Pius XII: Extra copy of Facilitator's intent to being a class  
PPXIIIssuePresentationQuestions.doc Pope Pius XII: Sample list of questions for issue presentation  
PPXIIPresentation.doc Pope Pius XII: Sample of emblems presentation  
PPXIIProgressCheckoff.xls Pope Pius XII: Progress checklist spreadsheet  
PPXIIProjects.xls Pope Pius XII: Project data spreadsheet  
PPXIIRoster.xls Pope Pius XII: Roster spreadsheet  
PPXIISchedule.doc Pope Pius XII: Sample schedule