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Below, you will find a few items of interest that will be used throughout the year. If there is a form you need that is not on here, please ask your den leader or the Cub Master for assistance.

Unit Forms

Money Earning Permit Form:
This form is used for raising money for pack related events such as campouts, t-shirts, program materials etc.
Please print 3 copies of this form once it is filled out as one goes to Council, one to St. Michaels and one for the Unit. All 3 copies have to be signed by all to be approved. Tidewater council charges us for this form so we can now print it for free.
Incident Information Form is used for any injury/property damages incurred by scouts or parents.

Activity Transportation form is used for activities outside the Council Area for Campouts/Pack/Den Meetings.
Activity Concent form is used for all Scouting Activities and each parent of every den should fill one out to be retained by the Den Leader/Committee Member
BSA Rank Advancement Form: Used by Awards Chair for Rank Advancement print 3 copies once the form is completely filled out.
Youth Application & Adult Application is used for becoming a member of Pack 14
Icon File Name Comment  
Activity Concent form.pdf Activity Concent Form  
Adult Application.pdf Adult Application  
BSA Rank Advancement Form.pdf BSA Rank Advancement Form  
Incident Information Report Form.pdf Incident Report Form  
Money earning permit form.pdf Money Earning Permit  
Tour Activity Transportation Plan Form.pdf Activity Transportation Form  
Youth Application.pdf Youth Application  

Medical Forms

Attached are 2 Medical Forms.
The first is for Pack 14 Camp-outs and 3 day camps not lasting over 72 hours.
The second is for Resident Camp and 5 day camps at Pipsico.

Icon File Name Comment  
Pack 14 Camping Medical Form.pdf 5 Day Camping  
Pack 14 Medical Form Weekend Camping.pdf Weekend Camping  

Basic Training for All Leaders

Please log onto and create an account. Once you have created the account a e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Please check your spam/junk mail for this e-mail.

Before your application can be processed I will need a copy of your Youth Protection Training Certificate. You may e-mail it to me at Please continue to complete the basic required training for your position. 

NO Youth Protection means NO DEN Meetings. We cannot process your application without your Youth Protection Certificate, therefore you cannot operate as a Den until we have processed your application.

I would like to ask that you complete all the required training for your position as it should only take you 30 minutes to complete it all. This is Scouting, Leader Specific, Youth Protection.

Once you have completed your basic training, you will be awarded a Trained patch to wear proudly on your uniform at the next Pack Meeting.

David Likens
Pack 14 Cub Master

World Conservation Award

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Guide To Safe Scouting

Icon File Name Comment  
Guide to Safe Scouting Current Edition.pdf Guide to Safe Scouting  

Big Book of Skits

This is a word file full of skits for Pack meeting and campouts.
Icon File Name Comment  
Big Book of Skits.doc  

Prepaid Unit Deposit Account Plan

Icon File Name Comment  
prepaid unit deposit account plan.pdf  

Pine Ridge Neighborhood Park Cleanup

Pack 14 proudly helps Virginia Beach and the environment!
We are responsible for cleaning Pine Ridge Neighborhood Park 6 times a year.
Attached are the procedures.
Thanks to all our hard working Scouts and Parents!
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Adopt a Park Procedures.docx