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Cub Scout Pack 460
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Cub Scout Awards

Cub Scouts can earn a lot of awards by Doing their Best!
The Cub Scouts may earn Belt Loops and Pins, World Conservation Award, numerous temporary patches, Religious Knot, Leave No Trace, Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, Emergency Preparedness Award, Recruiter Patch, Quality Unit Award as well as their Advancement Rank, Arrow Points, Progress Beads and the Heritage Award and Good Turn For America Award.



Cub Scouts can earn awards by completing requirements and projects.

ADVENTURE LOOPS AND PINS can be earned by completing requirements and earning PINS by completing more requirements.

WORLD CONSERVATION AWARD is earned by completing one required Achievement and two Electives. The Rank Book will show you which ones to complete.

RELIGIOUS KNOT is earned by completing a study, depending on the grade from a booklet for that particular grade, by a Youth Minister or a Minister.

LEAVE NO TRACE AWARD is earned by participating in activities from a study conducted by a Leader and three outings or camp out.

CUB SCOUT OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AWARD is earned by attending Summer Camp or Day Camp and other activities.

EMERGENCY PREPARENESS AWARD is earned by learning how to prepare your self for a disaster, first aid, and practicing a fire drill with your family and pack.

QUALITY UNIT AWARD is earned by doing service projects and other various projects by the pack.

ADVANCEMENT RANKS are earned by completing 12 Achievements.

PROGRESS AWARD is earned after completing three Achievements and for each three Achievements by the time you finish you should four beads.

ARROW POINTS are earned by completing 10 Electives and the first arrow is Gold and then each one there after each ten completed earns a Silver Arrow.

HERTIAGE AWARD is earned by completing a list of questions about the U S Flag and our country.

GOOD TURN AMERICA AWARD is a six year award earned by completing community service.

OTHER PATCHES are earned by participating in various activities such as doing a good turn daily, top sales in money earning projects, Services projects and etc.